Thursday, February 9, 2017

Club Interface pres. Alphamay Live (GER) 2 floor special event!

Tapahtuma on peruttu!

27.5.2017 klo 21-04
Club Darkside
Perhonkatu 6, 00100 Helsinki

Season closing party and we say farewell to Dark Side with this event. We'll have two rooms in use this time, other one is our Interface cave and other one is dedicated to darker tones of psy trance ending with Miazu's hitek set

Interface room

Alphamay Live (Germany)
Kuroshio Live (Fin)
DJ E-Prom (Sweden, Resident dj at Synthetic & AMP, Founder of Electronic Force)
Sadenia (Club Infektio)

Psy Room

Miikka L (Very special dark psy set)
Miazu (Sangoma records / Kosmos Festival)
Polly (Sangoma records / Kosmos Festival)
Dj NoiZu (Club Infektio) Dark/industrial psy set

Visuals by VJ Move

Early Bird tickets 12€ (INC CLOACKROOM!) untill 5.5.2017
Regular tickets 15€ (INC CLOACKROOM!)
Free entry for Birthday boys and girls +/-3 days

Tickets from
Cybershop (coming soon)

Venue: Pub Pete / Darkside Club

Alphamay home page
Alphamay Youtube
Alphamay FB
Dj NoiZu

Graphics by Mikko Virtanen

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