Monday, July 10, 2017

Harmony Garden(soolo) @ Kujaholli 11.8.2017

perjantaina 11.8.2017
Pub Kujakolli, Tahmelan viertotie 2, 33240 Tampere

Harmony Garden biisejä, ja ehkä jotain muutakin välissä, akustisesti mies ja kitara tyylillä. Ilmainen sisäänpääsy.

Harmony Garden:
We do: A bit nihilist, dark and emotional folkish songs for listeners who likes that songs have stories and vision, apocalyptic and desperate one's to be honest. Nowadays HG songs are written for live band or solo performance so do not expect any sequenced cold machine stuff from us, music is best when performing it live.

Harmony Garden has released 3 full length albums and one 7" vinyl single. Obviously as our music style is what it is the major audience don't know us, yet....or ever, but it really does not matter, we do what we do and all we care is having good time with playing HG music :) As I have said years ago: Feeling is all that matters.

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