Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Club Intrface presents Alien Vampires

12.5.2018 CANCELLED/looking for venue

We heard your wishes, so this event is based on one of them :) We are proud to bring them back to Helsinki!

Upper deck
Alien Vampires (Live) UK/Italy
Miseria Ultima Live
Astral Zombie Live
Dj HexexeN (Infektio)
Dj emanon (Infektio)
Dj NoiZu (infektio)
Dj Ikari

Lower deck Rave Cave only 90's rave sounds!
Hard trance - acid trance - rave - hardcore - acid

Dj Neon (Säde)
Dj Sizzler (Club Clockwork)
Dj Raver

Lisätietoja myöhemmin.
More info later.

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